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K2 Alexis 80 Alu gray cyan

K2 Alexis 80 Alu gray cyan
K2 Alexis 80 Alu gray cyan
K2 Alexis 80 Alu gray cyan
K2 Alexis 80 Alu gray cyan
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    Buckle up! You can do your Full-Body-Workout outside on K2 Skates! With the newAlexis 80 Alu you get an perfect package if you are a beginner. The aluminium Frame offers better power transmission so that every kick is used optimally. And for the 22´ season our 80mm fitness models have the premium and reliable K2 upper, which we used the last year on our 84mm and 90mm fitness skates. Lighter, more breathable and more comfortable, that beginners can go all-in from the start. Our complete K2 Alexis Series is customized to a narrow forcefoot and narrow heel. Moreover it has a lower instep that people with narrow feet have always a fine skating session!The K2 Original Softboot, Speed Lacing and Stability Plus Cuff ensure optimal and comfortable fit, so you can concentrate only on your Outdoor-Workout and nothing else.

    Original K2 Softboot
    Stability Plus Cuff
    Stamped Aluminium Schiene
    80mm 80A
    K2 Speed Lacing System
    Brake mounted (can be changed on left shoe)
    Fitness - Unisex
    grey - cyan

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